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  • LED vs. Incandescent

    CLP - Nov. Thought Leadership (white and blue)

    You’ve heard that there are different types of lightbulbs, but you’re not sure what the right solution is for you and your building. You may also not be aware of the differences between the available options. Look no further! We’ve outlined the differences between Incandescent and LEDs – the two most popular kind of bulbs – below for you in this handy guide.

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  • 50 Watt MR16 LED Replacements Guide


    When most of us shop for light bulbs, we search by the shape and then the wattage. Naturally, we've been trained this way because that's how light bulbs are typically sold in their incandescent or halogen form. However, when shopping for LED replacements, there is a different way to shop for them.

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  • Warm White, Neutral White, Cool White, Daylight - What is the difference?

    One of the reasons why our customers choose to buy from us is our wide variety of different colour temperatures in any LED light bulb they need. However, with so many different options, sometimes people need a helping hand to explain what the differences are between the different colour temperatures. So today, thats what I'm going to do! But don't worry, we're always here toll free just in case you need that human conversation just to make sure you're ordering the right one. Continue reading

  • Outdoor LED Recessed PAR20, PAR30 & PAR38 Lights


    We have beautiful homes. We invest more money to build the value and make it look better for ourselves. There's just a question about how well you want to present it at night and if your current lighting is costing you more than it should; compared to let's say if you had LED bulbs instead of high wattage halogens. Some people use CFL of course, but they have their own disadvantages too. Continue reading

  • Retrofit Metal Halide LED Lamp vs LED Fixture

    There are three costs we need to factor in when considering replacing your existing high bay lamps; 1) Lamp cost 2) Ballast cost 3) Replacement cost. Early this year, two of our manufacturers launched new products to solve metal halide LED replacements.

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  • LED Replacements for 75 Watt & 100 Watt Incandescent Light Bulbs


    Are you still hesitant to change your old 75 watt & 100 watt incandescent bulbs to LED? I've got three reasons why we recommend it, so let me break them down for you one at a time:

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  • Range Hood LED Light Bulb Replacements


    As the man of the house, I cook... a lot. Don't get me wrong, my wife does cook too, but with a family to take care of, I do whatever I can to make sure my wife is not totally exhausted at the end of the day. So, I cook... a lot.

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  • LED Light Bulb Replacement for Your Refrigerator


    Finally, an LED replacement for those light bulbs that die when you've got your neck in your fridge! The TCP S14 LED light bulb is the perfect replacement for the 40 watt incandescent light bulb most people have in their refrigerators. It only uses 5 watts of energy compared to the 40 watt most people use and don't know it. And, if you're like my family, your fridge is probably opened at least 30 - 40 times every day... don't tell my wife I said that :P

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  • Where Can I Find LED Lighting Rebates in Canada?

    led-lighting-rebates-canadaRebates. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word, "rebates", are those old, but probably not entirely phased out, mail-in rebates I had to do when I bought something from Future Shop or Best Buy years and years ago. If you ever did one, you'll remember the pain-staking process of photocopying the receipt, cutting out the bar-code from the box, filling out the mail-in rebate form and lastly buying stamps and stuffing it all in a standard sized envelope, in hopes that not too long in the future, you'd get the $10 or $25 back from the manufacturer. Yes, rebates. That is what I remember rebates to be. So what about LED light rebates? first of all, where do you find them and how much will I save?

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  • Susan Lamp - Metal Halide LED Replacements for 175W, 250W & 400W Lamps


    It's hardly a surprise anymore when we tell our customers that you could save 80% on your lighting costs by switching to LED replacement lamps when compared to the current cost your existing light bulbs. But, there's only been one problem; supply and demand. Until now, that is...

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