LED Light Bulb Replacements

Our LED light bulbs are commercial grade quality and are rated for up to 24 hour per day use. We only use LED lights from trusted, commercial grade manufacturers that stand behind their products. We're here to help toll free 1.888.717.4587

Regular A-Shape

Replacement bulbs for ceiling fixtures, high wattage lamps, lamp shades, appliances, general light fixtures.


Replacement bulbs for your Christmas lights.

Flood & Spot

Replacement bulbs for recessed lighting, track heads, high ceiling flood lamps, high-output lamps, outdoor flood lights.


Replacement bulbs for recessed pot lighting, fixtures using 2-pin or 4-pin CFL lamps.


Replacement bulbs for bathroom vanity mirrors, decorative lamps.


Replacement bulbs for chandeliers, small lamp fixtures, ceiling fixtures.


Replacement bulbs for small halogen bulbs.